Probably one of my more controversial changes to a lighter life. Letting go of 12 pairs of underwear. Some of them I kind of liked. Some I didn’t. Now I got three pairs to rule them all for the rest of my life.

You can read more about how I recently decided to make a similar change to my wardrobe in terms of removing unnecessary socks and changing into only using two pairs – also for the rest of my life.

Now this, I would suppose this is a bit more controversial. One friend said – kind of jokingly (with a touch of truth of course): “It makes me angry to hear what you are doing.”

The mess of my earlier life.

Well well… we all choose our path in life and I chose to change 12 pairs of underwear into 3 pairs. No need to worry about how many underwear to bring on my next trip. From now on I will always bring them all.

With this I got lighter. I got softer (Organic-merino-wool-heaven-soft). I got more disciplined (need to make a swift wash in the morning). Next step is to consider doing this with all my other garments…

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