Until a week ago, two worlds were incompatible. One world was where I would grow my sprouts, my tomato plants and my pumpkin in a homely home. A world full of the stability of the carefulness that can only be found in a home. The other world was where I moved, traveled from city to city, from country to country on a constant exploration. A world of movement and flow. How would I ever get these worlds to merge?

The answer was in front of me all the time: sprouting-on-the-go. Sprouts are small, light, among the most nutritious treats you can eat and extremely easy to take care of. Already half a year ago I had started entertaining the idea of sprouting in some kind of portable jar. But there was a solution that was so much simpler than that: A sprout bag. Actually, I had long been aware of the existence of a bag like that. But I had not tried it out. Now was the time.

Soak the beans/lentils/seeds over night and put them in the bag the next day. Water them twice a day and within 24-48 hours you got your first edibles. After that they will continue to grow larger and larger.

The bag is made of natural and unprocessed hemp. It is extremely fine in its fabric and therefore releases water but don’t get sticky with the roots. It is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal. It is light, stylish and very easy to harvest from. You can have it hanging at home (at the time of writing I sprout a large amount of beans in it where it hangs in the kitchen) or you can put it outside your backpack and bring your sprouts while growing them at the same time! (I tested this during my last hike a few days ago and it went absolutely excellent.)

For this reason, the sprout bag meets all the requirements for the ultralight life: lightness, flexibility, usability and quality.

Here, have a sprout on me!

Sprouts from my first 2018-walk on Öland.

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