On the journey of making myself lighter I found that there is more in a sock than a foot. There is whole story there. Opening my drawer I would find socks from all walks of my life from the last ten years or so. I don’t got a whole lot of socks, but perhaps a total of 14 pairs.

Most of them I don’t even use. When I feel funny I use the banana socks. And during almost all other times I use a couple of thicker merino wool socks.

Because of my ultralight makeover (that you can read more about here) this sock drawer of my life couldn’t go unnoticed. 14 pair of socks is about 7 times as heavy and voluminous as 2 pairs. And 2 pairs would definitely be enough for me, I concluded.

With 2 pairs I would always be able to wash one of the pairs while using the other. And seriously: why would anyone need a lot of socks? I think there is a significant weight to loose here.

But for this swap I need a very special kind of sock. The new one needs to breath, cool my little feet during hot summer days (when I am not barefooted) and make them warm again during chilly days. And I would rather have natural material than synthetic, of course. And they need to be very sturdy so I don’t need to repair or change them.

Now, if one is clear with ones wish the wish will sooner or later be granted. So, how wonderful it was to find the Vermont based brand “Darn tough” that offers a LIFETIME guarantee on their wool socks.

Ahh… getting lighter again.

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