There was always a fire within me. Sparkling strong in there, for me and what was mine. I accomplished a lot: Two businesses. Two houses built. Theatre plays for the stage. Travels all around the world.

Then the fire died for a while.

It had been my anchor in life. I trusted that I was fast in thinking and effective in action. So I was confused when it disappeared. Afraid and full of psychological stress.

But the time had come to find another anchor. One deeper.

And now, when the fire is back, I can see that many people never really felt their own fire, so they don’t really know what it is like to accomplish ones dreams. It was obvious to me that I should help them with this.

Say that you got an idea, something you want to get done. I help you visualize, plan, create. Simply: I help you manifest. And even better: Do you want to make a living out of this idea? Then send me some pictures that are yours and that in different way will describe your idea. I will make a website for you in a moment. Then you will be able to better see the possibilities with you idea. (Often it doesn’t take less than 24 hours for such a website to be made by me.)

Then I can help you with accounting, advertising, formulate texts and a lot of other things.

We will discuss a price.

Keep in touch.

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